Plastic ingestion in Cory´s shearwaters (Calonectris borealis): a potential bioindicator of plastic pollution in the NE Atlantic (en translation)

Yasmina Rodríguez

Using a polyphasic approach for exploring secondary metabolites from freshwater and thermal cyanobacteria strains from Azores islands

Rúben Filipe Silva Luz

Ecology of cetacean/cephalopod interactions in the Azores

Stéphanie Suciu

New products with agricultural and health applications: bringing value to the invasive plants Gunnera tinctoria and Hedychium gardnerianum

Wilson Rodrigues Tavares

A holistic approach to the conservation of the coastal Azorean endemic taxa Lotus azoricus and Azorina vidalii: Reproductive biology, population genetics and ecology

Rúben Miguel Correia Rego