Avaliação do papel dos organismos mesopelágicos nos cetáceos dos Açores

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    Myriam Lebon
  • Entity host
    Okeanos – Instituto de Investigação em Ciências do Mar
  • University awarding the degree
    University of the Azores
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    ORCID: 0000-0003-2830-3911
    Ciencia ID: B11A-D5E3-E144
    Research Gate


The main goal of this study is to understand the trophic links between cetaceans and mesopelagic organisms, and the role of mesopelagic organisms in transferring energy and biomass across the food web to cetacean species. The specific objectives of this project are to:

  1. estimate cetacean diet and assess sex, annual and seasonal variations in diet composition for the most abundant cetaceans,
  2. estimate energy requirements of cetaceans and consumption of different prey groups,
  3. quantify energy and biomass transfer between mesopelagic organisms and cetaceans,
  4. determine the role of mesopelagic organisms in mediating the flow of resources (energy, biomass) to cetaceans, and
  5. assess how harvesting of mesopelagic organisms affects energy pathways to cetaceans.


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    Trophic niches of cetaceans of the Azores
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