Advanced Training

Advanced training is one of the fundamental pillars of the region’s scientific development. As a regional organization with competences in granting support for advanced training, through Pro-Scientia programme, FRCT is committed to quality advanced training, contributing to the consolidation of critical mass and the promotion of innovation in the Azores.

The Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA) has been investing significantly in expanding the pool of human resources with advanced training, especially since 2020, with the primary aim of mitigating the quantitative and qualitative deficits that characterise its qualified human capital base.

To further strengthen the innovative, scientific and technological development of the RAA in relation to the national and European context, the funding of regional training remains a central and indispensable condition.

The FRCT is dedicated to achieving this goal by awarding scientific and technological research grants. Its focus is to promote advanced qualification opportunities in the RAA, advance Research and Innovation (R&I), renew the critical mass and foster competitiveness among entities contributing to the development of the regional economy.

Key numbers


Grants funded
by FRCT 2012-2022


Investment in 2023

31 %

of total FRCT
investment in 2023


The FRCT’s support instruments for Advanced Training primarily takes form in individual research grants across various types and scientific fields. These scholarships have played a crucial role in enhancing the region’s potential for scientific, economic, and social advancement.

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The FRCT is committed to promoting a public policy of advance training that prioritizes research and innovation. To this end, it regularly issues calls for research grants in accordance with its General Regulations for Scientific Research Grants and the Statute for Research Grant Holders. Each call is tailored to specific requirements and regulated by its own announcement.

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