The Regional Science and Technology Fund aims to promote the internationalization of the Azores Research and Innovation ecosystem by attracting external funding.

European programs is one of the primary ways to for the primary ways to promote, develop, and globalize science and technology in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

The Plan for the Internationalization of Science and Technology (S&T) of the Azores, outlined in Government Council Resolution No. 49/2018 of May 14, 2018, designates FRCT as one of the entities responsible for implementing measures aimed at the internationalization of S&T in the Azores. Based on its competencies, FRCT is assigned with facilitating and driving this strategy.

According to the DLR 11/2020/A of February 11, 2020, FRCT’s competencies include a comprehensive approach to all departments of the Regional Government of the Azores concerning the region’s participation in programs, projects, and initiatives that require external funding.

To strengthen the Azores’ position in the European Research and Innovation Area (R&I), it is essential to facilitate and promote access to European initiatives and programs, ensuring coordination between the various regional entities and the management authorities and intermediate bodies of the operational programs.

Monitoring of the International and European R&I Agenda, in articulation with the National and Regional agenda, involves several actions:

  • Monitoring of European programs in the area of Research and innovation.
  • Participation in European cooperation networks and international partnerships
  • Participation in strategic projects
  • Organization of promotion, networking, capacity building and matchmaking events.