Alterações nas comunidades de vertebrados marinhos no Atlântico – uma abordagem traslatitudinal e climática

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    Luís MD Barcelos
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    Grupo da Biodiversidade dos Açores
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    University of the Azores
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Considering the impact of climate change that has been observed globally at ocean level, and the resulting biological changes that are felt in vertebrate communities, it is intended to carry out an in-depth study, in the Atlantic Ocean, on a) the relationship between the occurrence of species outside their distribution area and possible changes in environmental factors; b) the possibility of expanding species, taking into account their biological characteristics.

Results & Impact

  • Comprehensive list of marine vertebrate species, with emphasis on occurrences outside the species’ distribution area;
  • Development of an occurrence prediction model, taking into account the characteristics of the species present in these archipelagos and the characteristics of the archipelagos


  • Comunication
    ICBB2023 – Azores’ Fish Diversity – projections derived from climate changes

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