Using a polyphasic approach for exploring secondary metabolites from freshwater and thermal cyanobacteria strains from Azores islands

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    Rúben Filipe Silva Luz
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    CIBIO-Açores – Centro de investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos
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    University of the Azores
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    Ciência ID: 6E18-E435-152A
    Scopus Author ID: 57217827114


  1. Identify freshwater and thermal cyanobacteria strains deposited in BACA using a
    modern taxonomic approach (Genomics, morphology and ecology);
  2. Identify those with bioactivity potential using a wide bioprospecting methodology;
  3. Elucidate and identify possible new compounds with biological activity following guided through bioactivity assays

Results e Impact 

Increase our taxonomic knowledge on cyanobacteria flora in Azores and biologically valorize autochthonous strains.