INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 | 1st Call
    58 months (08/11/2016 – 31/09/2021)
    1 891 366,04€
    228 682,39€


Evaluation and proposal of strategy and development of tools for the conversion of the islands of the space of collaboration as Intelligent Tourist Destinations

Aim of the project

SmartDest main objective is to promote cooperation between the Macaronesia archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde to transform these territories into Intelligent Tourist Destinations (DTI).The project aims practical results through the implementation of pilot actions in the 4 partner regions, by the development of technological solutions from enterprise in cooperation with research centers. Therefore, SmartDest promotes an innovative, accessible, integrated, connected and competitive tourist destination consolidated on a technological infrastructure that guarantees a sustainable development of the territory facilitating the interaction and integration of the visitor with the destination and its community, enriching the tourist experience and as weel the quality of life for the residents.

The SmartDest project aims to foster cooperation and knowledge transfer between companies and research centers, improving the “intelligence” of the collaboration space through ICT solutions to transform the Azores into an Intelligence Tourism Destination – DTI. In this sense, the FRCT participation aims to involve the main Azores Scientific & Technical Systems actors and to promote the cooperation between all innovation ecosystem, enterprise, community and research centers. Moreover, the SmartDest Project follows the objectives proposed under the RIS3 Azores, where the includes Tourism Thematic Working Group ensuring the connection with the main initiatives related to the regional entrepreneurial discovery.

The FRCT integrates SmartDest as a beneficiary, being responsible for the implementation of the project in the Azores, developing a Proposal for the Conversion Plan of the Azores into a Smart Tourist Destination (DTI) and implementing actions in the pilot area – Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island where will be implemented the innovative technological solutions.

Other Regional Entities Involved in the projects are Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment, and Tourism; Regional Directorate for Tourism; Azores Tourism Observatory; Praia da Vitória Municipality; Company Fundo de Maneio.

SmartDest results

  • Proposta de plano para tornar dos Açores num Destino Turístico Inteligente
    Diagnóstico (Julho 2018)
    Consulte o documento aqui
  • Proposta de Estratégia de Conversão para um Destino Turística Inteligente
    Praia da Vitória, Ilha de Terceira (Julho de 2019)
    Consulte o documento aqui
  • Proposta de plano para tornar dos Açores num Destino Turístico Inteligente
    Plano de Conversão (Janeiro 2020)
    Consulte o documento aqui