Call for Proposal
    64 months (04/01/2018 – 30/04/2023)
    MAES/OR/OCT 2 / 07.027735/2018/776517/SUB/ENV.D2
    1 060 781€
    256 375€


Facilitating MAES to support regional policy in OVerseas Europe: mobilizing stakeholders and pooling resources

Aim of the project

The MOVE pilot project intends to involve policy makers, researchers and the civil society in the development of methodologies for mapping and assessing the state of ecosystems and their services in Outermost Regions (ORs) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). A coordinated and synergistic approach is advocated to turn the geographical, political and knowledge base fragmentation of these entities into assets, pooling resources and building robust participatory tools.

MOVE has the collaboration of an expert panel that will contribute to the technical and scientific validation of the results:

  • Ciprian Ionescu (WWF France, France)
  • Evangelia (Valia) Drakou (Universidade de Twente, the Netherlands)
  • Mario V Balzan (Institute of Applied Sciences, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Malta)
  • Ricardo Serrão Santos (permanent member of the European Parliament’s Committees on Fisheries and Agriculture and Rural Development, now Minister of the Sea of Portugal)

To promote and facilitate the interaction between local stakeholders involved in the case studies and other interested participants, MOVE is counting on an online Discussion Forum.

Impact on the Azores Region

MOVE project enables the main actors of the Azores Archipelago to get involved in the mapping and evaluation of ecosystem services, streamlining and promoting the work developed in MAES. MOVE is a pilot project that includes Azores as one of the eight case studies, allowing to test and implement the MAES methodology in the region, providing methodologies and best practice guidelines, helping the EU to take the lead worldwide in this field and providing mapping of ecosystem services in the Azores.