Using remote sensing to support azores autonomous region policies on land planning and natural resources management – the forest inventory and the regional plan for invasive alien species control (precefias) as case-studieseire gil

  • Estado
  • Nome
    Artur José Freire Gil
  • Entidade de acolhimento
    CITA-A – Centro de Investigação e Tecnologias Agrárias dos Açores


The main objectives of this Post-doctoral project are:

A) Assessing the effectiveness of different types of Remote Sensing data (Very High Spatial Resolution Aerial Photography, Multispectral, Hyperspectral and Radar) for Operational Forestry and Invasive Alien Species management decision-support in Azores Islands

B) Testing and Validating the “”Small Satellite”” multispectral data provided by the experimental project led by the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and the University of Azores (Portugal), aiming to address environmental issues in oceanic islands.

C) Comparison of Woody Forest Mapping performed by using VHR, multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR data

D) Comparison of invasive vegetation patches mapping performed by using Very High Spatial Resolution Aerial Photography (VHR), multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR satellite data

E) Comparison of forestry biophysical parameters retrieved by using VHR, multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR data

F) Designing, building and validating a multi-source’s Remote Sensing and GIS based decision support system for Forestry management in Azores Islands

G) Forecasting the impact and preparing the integration of forthcoming GMES Space Component Sentinel Missions into the Regional Forestry Management decision-support system

H) Releasing a WebGIS demo application for Forestry management decision support in Azores Islands

I) Publication of 6 scientific paper(s) (minimum) in SCI-indexed journal(s)