Pollinic inventory of the phanerogams’ species of the Azores archipelago (Portugal), and implications for the conservation of the auxiliary entomofauna.

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    Leila Nunes Morgado
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  • Collect and identify the phanerogams’ species present in the sampling areas of the Islands of São Miguel, Terceira and Flores (Azores, Portugal);
  • Analyze the pollen morphology of the phanerogams’ species identified in the Islands of Flores, São Miguel and Terceira;
  • Mount a lamina collection for a reference pollen collection of the region;
  • Assess the seasonality of the flowering period of the plant species in the studied areas;
  • Develop a catalog of pollen grains from plant of the studied areas, with images in photomicrographs and electron micrographs, for future reference in works related to trophic resource used by consumers of pollen
    and animal research taxonomy;
  • Confirm and identify the presence of pollen in the gut contents of the auxiliary insects foraging on the local floral resources; Contribute to the scientific knowledge on allergic diseases from the dispersion of pollen grains in the Azores – Aeropalynology.