Habitat Suitability of Oceanic Cetaceans: Comparing Presence-only and Presence/Absence Modelling

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    Marc Fernandez Morron
  • Entidade de acolhimento
    CIRN – Centro de Investigação de Recursos Naturais


This project can be focused in two main goals or research questions. The first one intends to create a methodology to be used later in other similar areas (remote islands or archipelagos). Secondly this study also wants to provide information about the distribution of cetaceans in the Azores.

Here I resume the main objectives of the research:

  • Evaluate model performance using opportunistic and non-opportunistic marine mammal sighting data from the same study area
  • Determine the influence of different eco-geographical variables in cetaceans distribution
  • Produce habitat suitability maps for cetaceans off the Azores Archipelago
  • Provide reliable models with useful conservation and management implications
  • Produce a low-cost methodology to study cetaceans in remote or poorly studied areas.
  • Using the maps produced suggest recommendations for important areas of conservation for cetaceans in the Azores.