INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 | 2nd Call
    52 months (01/09/2019 – 31/12/2023)
  • Grant Agreement nº
    1 174 955,83 €
    87 371,53 €


Consolidation of the Central Atlantic Alliance for the competitiveness of Blue Economy SMEs

Aim of the project

SMARTBLUEF is a transnational Canary Islands-Madeira-Azores-Cape Verde cooperation project under Axis 2 – Improving the competitiveness of SMEs and investment priorities, which aims to increase the competitiveness of marine-maritime companies in the MAC cooperation area by consolidating the transnational alliance of innovation support agents as a tool for promoting an innovative culture and internationalisation through the use of synergies, capacities and shared resources in the MAC cooperation area.

The FRCT as ERDF beneficiary participates in all the activities throughout the project, with a special focus on innovation and research, namely those relating to the “Mapping of agents supporting innovation and internationalisation of the blue economy in the cooperation area” (characterisation of Macaronesian agents supporting innovation and internationalisation), as well as contributing to the development and maturing of the Technology Watch Platform, through the incorporation/validation of news relating to the Azores and Madeira regions (editor-in-chief), necessary for the launch of periodic bulletins.

Impact on the Azores Region

 The SmartBlueF project is a structuring project whose actions are planned so that its results and impact are not finalised in its time and scope of action, with the following multiplier effects expected: New business opportunities and services; Complementarity of the value chains in the participating regions; Tractor effect (indirect and induced) on other non-marine or transversal activities; Raising international finance and investment; Knowledge and technology transfer.