Programa Operacional Açores 2020
    24 months (01/10/2020 – 31/09/2022)
    93 386.26€

Plano de Internacionalização

Plano de Ação para a Internacionalização do FRCT no âmbito da Rede Europeia ERRIN

Aim of the project

This project aims to boost cooperation and participation in European Research & Innovation (R&I) thematic networks relevant to the Scientific and Technological System of the Azores through the ERRIN network – European Regions Research and Innovation Network, increasing the involvement of the Azores in the R&I space European. It is considered that integration into European networks, such as ERRIN, will make it possible to expand and promote international networking initiatives and actions, through the participation of the FRCT, as a mediator and promoter, with regional stakeholders and the SCTA. It is also intended to take advantage of new financing opportunities and integrate new projects, both in Horizon 2020 and in the future Horizon Europe.

This Action Plan is based on three axes, four measures and several actions closely related to the specific objectives of the plan, highlighting the importance of ERRIN in achieving them.

Impact on the Azores Region

The FRCT is responsible for implementing the project in its entirety.

This Plan will allow consolidating the scientific and technological potential of the Azores by opening a communication and networking channel that allows the establishment of transregional and European synergies. It will reinforce the Azores’ presence in the European Research and Innovation Area, allowing SCTA’s participation rates in European/international funding programs to increase.

With the Azores joining the ERRIN network, through the FRCT, it will be possible to promote internationalization and increase regional capabilities in terms of R&I through the integration and monitoring of different working groups, Working Groups (WG), which cover different strategic areas of R&I , aligned with RIS3 Azores.