ERA-NET CoFund (European Research Area networks)
    60 months (01/03/2016 -28/02/2021)
    100 000€


ERA-NET for materials research and innovation

Aim of the project

M.ERA-NET is a network in which 35 funding agencies from 26 countries participate. Supporting and increasing the coordination of European research programs, as well as funding related to science and materials engineering is the objective of this ERA-NET, whose total budget is € 24M.

Impact on the Azores Region

The FRCT has a project approved under the 3rd call, with a regional team, in the amount of 100 thousand euros:

ECOPLACKAGING : The development of bio-based antimicrobial packaging polymers is in great demand in order to overcome the huge environmental impact of conventional fossil-based plastic materials and guarantee food protection against physical, chemical, and microbiological effects that is why biobased materials have attracted extensive interest in the packaging field. Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is the ideal choice to achieve these goals because it is compostable and can be produced from renewable resources, however, pure PLA materials also have some shortcomings, such as poor hydrophilicity, poor mechanical properties and lack of antimicrobial functionality, which limit their range of application. In order to overcome these limitations ECOPLACKAGING aims to develop a fully biodegradable bioplastic composite consisting of a PLA matrix reinforced with: 1) vegetal fibres obtained from plant waste, namely island invasive plant species and 2) low-cost and environmentally-friendly antimicrobial glasses. Responsible regional researcher – Helena Vasconcelos, Faculty of Science and Technology, UAC.