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    24 months (02/01/2017 – 31/01/2019)
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Indicator Impact Turtles – Implementation of the indicator “Impacts of marine litter on sea turtles and biota” in RSC and MSFD areas

Aim of the project

INDICIT project aims to filling the gaps of knowledge necessary for the definition of the indicator “Macro-debris ingested by sea turtles” criteria, through the collection of standardized data at a large scale, with the involvement of a large network of trained stakeholders. INDICIT project objectives are:

(i) Refine/create networks of stakeholders able to collect data on the basis of standard protocols;

(ii) Interpret the results of the statistical analyses of these standardized data, in order to provide the necessary knowledge to better define the indicator biological criteria and constraints;

(iii) Co-decide among biologists, researchers and the representatives of environmental policies one or several GES and its/their scales of application; and

(iv) Disseminate the co-built standardized tools for the monitoring of marine litter quantities and impacts.

Impact on the Azores Region

FRCT is a partner on the INDICIT project, being directly involved in the development of the activity 3 “Implementation of the indicator of litter ingestion in the RSC OSPAR/Macaronesia”, which is led by the ULPGC (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). FRCT, with the external assistance from IMAR, is responsible for the development and implementation of the activity 3 in Portugal, namely in the mainland of Portugal and in the Azores and Madeira regions.

Official Dissemination Video