INTERREG | Atlantic Area
    54 months (01/01/2019 – 30/06/2023)
    2 593 636.36€
    105 370.36€


Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfer

Aim of the project

The project’s objective is to foster the technology transfer to SMEs in blue biotechnology and exploitation of marine resources by creating a network of public and private entities focused on the fund raising that make possible the start and scale-up phase. Funds such venture, business angels, participatory loan or crowdfunding will be offered by tools and services, so that the technologies and innovations “made in Atlantic regions” can reach the market turned into successful business projects.

Impact on the Azores Region

The FANBEST project will allow to know the potential of R&D generated in universities, companies and other centres in the Atlantic regions related to the blue sector, in particular blue biotechnology and marine natural resources, as well as the mapping of existing agents and stakeholders, with information about the actors that can play a relevant role in attracting investment for innovative business projects.
The tools and actions necessary to establish effective support for innovation projects in blue economy will have direct effects to improve the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups, in order to facilitate and materialize the transfer of innovations to the market. As a final product, the project will develop a Manual for financing innovation in start-ups and new companies in the Atlantic regions.


  • Analysis of the potential of R&D and financial situation on Blue Economy companies
  • Portfolio of Financials Instruments
    For companies in the Blue Economy sector in the Atlantic Area

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  • Environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the supported projects
  • Analysys of private capital funds for the Blue Economy
    Mobilising funds and services for a competitive blue economy in the Atlantic regions

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