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    7 years (1 October 2021 – 30 September 2028)
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    Carolina Parelho
    Project Manager
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The European Biodiversity Partnership

The Biodiversa+ Partnership is an integral tool of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which aims to coordinate research programs between the EU, its member states and associated countries, with the aim of fueling the formulation of transformative policies and responding to societal challenges. related to Biodiversity loss and habitat degradation. Biodiversa+ is a public-public Partnership, co-funded by the Horizon Europe, with an overall budget of 800 million €, to be implemented over 7 years and 6 joint calls.

Biodiversa+ gathers 74 funding agencies, environmental authorities, ministries of environment, science and research, as well as environmental protection agencies from 36 European and associated countries, joining efforts and financial resources to transpose the guidelines and targets set by the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 into their territories, in a harmonized manner.

The Regional Government of the Azores, through the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT), integrates Biodiversa+ consortium with two main roles: 

  • Promotion of the internationalization of Scientific and Technological System of the Azores as a Funding agency for regional scientific teams, that integrate projects approved within the joint calls; 
  • Participation in harmonized European activities schemes, with the collaboration of the competent Regional authorities to help improve, boost or implement monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services policies. 

 The participation of the FRCT in this Partnership facilitates the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 in the Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA), through the transmission and sharing of information, tools and evidence to the regional entities responsible for monitoring and reporting biodiversity in the regional context, promoting continuous collaboration at different levels and scales. By financing regional teams in research and innovation (R&I) projects, within the scope of Biodiversa+ calls, FRCT intends to consolidate the scientific and technological potential of the Azores and promoting transregional and international synergies leveraging the Azores potential, attracting external and reinforcing the economic axis based on R&I. 

Within the Partnership Activity 2 – Promote and support transnational biodiversity monitoring, FRCT implements a Biodiversity Monitoring Pilot in the Azores, to address priority topics related with species invasive alien species monitoring, soil biodiversity, biodiversity governance, data interoperability and standards. The Pilot implementation of the in the RAA is supported by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, through direct collaboration with the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change. 

R&D projects with regional participation

BiodivProtect 2020-2021
Supporting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem across land and sea

Universidade dos Açores (Azorean Biodiversity Group; ce3c – Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental) – Azores, Portugal

  • Dr. Paulo Borges
  • Dra. Isabel Amorim
  • Dra. Rosalina Gabriel
  • Dr. Fernando Pereira


Instituto do Mar – Azores, Portugal

  • Dra. Cláudia Oliveira
  • Dr. Pérez-Jorge Sergi


Atlantic Naturalist Association – Azores, Portugal

  • Dra. Gisela Dionísio
  • Dr. José Pereira


Universidade dos Açores (OKEANOS – Instituto de Investigação em Ciências do Mar) – Azores, Portugal

  • Dra. Mónica Silva
  • Dra. Irma Cascão