All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean: Ministerial High-Level & Stakeholders Conference

    Horizon 2020 – Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)
    9 motnhs (01/01/2021 – 30/09/2021)
    216,511.25 €
    140 781.25 €

Aim of the project

The “All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean: Ministerial High-level & Stakeholders Conference” took place in Ponta Delgada, 2-4 June 2021, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference was co-organised by the Ministry of Science Technology and High Education of Portugal, the Ministry of the Sea of Portugal, the Azores Regional Government and the European Commission. The All-Atlantic2021 Conference aimed at bringing to a new level the existing dialogue and cooperation undertaken under the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.

Following the previous very successful All-Atlantic Ocean Research fora (Brazil, 23-24 July 2018Belgium, 6-7 February 2020, and South Africa, 3-4 December 2020), and the following the strengthening of the All-Atlantic cooperation based on cooperative activities, this conference focused the approach of Connecting – Acting – Cooperating through a dialogue among Ministerial and other High-level representatives and marine stakeholders across the Atlantic Ocean from pole to pole. Through the several panel discussions and more than 25  side events, the event was an opportunity to discuss the progress made so far, to launch the  All-Atlantic Pledging platform   as a new tool to the existing cooperation and the Azores Declaration on All-Atlantic Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.

The All-Atlantic2021 Conference contributed to enhance the science diplomacy efforts focused on the Atlantic, notably through the Atlantic Strategy and its 1st Action Plan (2013), the signing of the Galway and  Belém Statements (respectively in 2013 and 2017) and the Administrative Arrangements between the European Commission (EC) and Cabo Verde (2018), Argentina (2018) and Morocco (2020). It also provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen and contribute to the European Green Deal and to the Horizon Europe Mission Ocean, Seas and Waters, as well as to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Impact on the Azores Region

This conference, through the All-Atlantic 2021 project, will place the Azores on the stage of discussions on research and innovation in the Atlantic, as well as fostering the role of the Azores Autonomous Region in cooperation between the member states of the Atlantic. One of the outcomes of this conference will be the ‘Azores Declaration on All Atlantic Research & Innovation for the Sustainable Ocean’, a PPUE document, where ministerial representatives from the Atlantic will commit a series of concrete actions and intentions to implement transatlantic Research and Innovation cooperation for the sustainability of the Atlantic Ocean.