On the selection and exploration of radio powerful Active Galactic Nuclei

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    Pedro Maria Neves Morte da Graça Martins
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    Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço
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    Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon


In this project we aim to explore state-of-the-art galaxy and SMBH evolution models, implementing improved recipes for radio emission, and compare the results to the known population of powerful AGN, as seen at radio frequencies.

We will also implement a monitoring program of nearby AGN, using the Santa Maria radio telescope, part of the RAEGE network. This will complement the above approach, by setting the framework to further explore the physical mechanisms behind AGN radio emission, as revealed by AGN variability.

Results & Impact

With the implementation of the aforementioned approaches, we will:

  • define new, more efficient criteria for the selection of AGN from radio observations, out to very high redshifts;
  • identify the impact of variability studies in the AGN accretion physics and evaluate how this can lead to improved recipes for radio emission;
  • identify and analyse robust candidates for high redshift radio AGN in very sensitive surveys currently being performed (e.g. SKA Pathfinder and MeerKAT);
  • optimize the design of the upcoming generation of whole-sky radio surveys, currently being developed for the future Square Kilometre Array telescope.


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    On the selection and exploration of radio powerful Active Galatic Nuclei
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