Fatores críticos de sucesso no desenvolvimento de novos produtos nas regiões ultraperiféricas da Europa

  • Estado
  • Name
    Ricardo Machado
  • Entity host
    Centro de Estudos de Economia Aplicada do Atlântico
  • University awarding the degree
    Universidade dos Açores


  • To identify the organisational, process and digital factors with the greatest weight in New Product Development (NPD) performance indicators, as well as the associated good practices.
  • To check whether the company’s maturity, size and sector of activity influence the success of organisational, process and digital factors in NPD performance indicators.
  • To assess the differences and similarities between the various ORs and their relationship with the respective innovation indicators, based on the criteria of the European Innovation Scoreboard.
  • To see to what extent the positive relationships identified in the literature for large companies can be applied to SMEs in the context of the ORs.
  • Identify exceptional organisational, process and digital best practices for successful DNP performance.
  • To verify the degree to which companies in the OR make use of formal or informal systems and tools in DNP.
  • Check the extent to which companies in the OR make use of digital tools in DNP.
  • Verify the extent to which artificial intelligence and descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses are used in DNP, and in which phases of the process.

Results & Impact

Contribute to enriching the field of study with empirical evidence of the impact of organisational and process factors on DNP performance, at the level of SMEs, which are very small and at the level of small markets, which do not seem to exist.

Contribute to enriching the field of study with empirical evidence of the impact of digital factors on DNP performance at SME level, which is very limited, especially with regard to emerging technologies such as the use of AI.

Contribute with actionable insights that could facilitate the improvement or creation of specific government support programmes and policies at European, national and regional levels, as well as boosting the creation of specific educational offers for the ORs or for use by support structures, such as Science and Technology Parks, Incubators, Digital Innovation Hubs, or other Business Support Organisations.

Sharing good practices within and between ORs could help leverage the impact of certain organisational factors and raise awareness of the need to implement a DNP process, even a simple one, or raise awareness and encourage digital transition and transformation.