Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the European Union’s Program to exclusively support the cultural and creative sectors, and has two main goals:

– Safeguard, develop and promote Europe’s heritage and cultural and linguistic diversity.

– To increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audiovisual sector.

The Creative Europe Program comprises three Strands:

– the CULTURE Strand, which covers all sectors of culture and creation (except for the audiovisual and film sectors).

– the MEDIA Strand, covering the audiovisual and film sectors.

– the TRANSECTORAL Strand, which promotes collaboration between creative sectors and covers the media sector.

One line (managed by the Goethe-Institute) of relevant interest to actors and organizations in the regional cultural and creative sector is Culture Moves Europe. This line supports individual mobility as well as artistic residencies.

Open Call

Due to the dynamics of the Program, we advise you to regularly check the Funding and Tenders Portal as well as the Creative Europe Information Center.

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