INTERREG Atlantic Area

As part of the European Union’s Cohesion Policy, INTERREG Atlantic Area supports transnational cooperation projects in 36 Atlantic regions of five countries: France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, contributing to the achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. The Programme overall objective is to implement solutions to answer to regional challenges in the fields of innovation, resource efficiency, environment and cultural assets, supporting regional development and sustainable growth. With a total budget of EUR 185 million, which comprises a fund allocation above EUR 140 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Programme focuses on four main priorities axes and specific objectives related: Priority 1: Stimulating innovation and competitiveness (EUR 62.8 million); Priority 2: Fostering resource efficiency (EUR 39.6 million); Priority 3: Strengthening the territory’s resilience to risks of natural, climate and human origin (EUR 20.3 million); Priority 4: Enhancing biodiversity and the natural and cultural assets (EUR 52.6 million).