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Users’ Register:

The present data are going to be treated in computer and they are intended securing the possibility of personalized configurations by users of the Government of the Azores portal, allowing to access to areas exclusively accessible to registered users and, finally, the pre-filling of these data in online forms, if the user wants it. The Users’ Register will be the operation through which the user becomes an acquaintance to the system of the Portal. It is from the moment of the registration that the user starts to have identification before the system (identification/password) and that can access the private area of the portal.

To its holder, it is guaranteed the right of access, rectification, alteration or elimination, whenever this is addressed in writing or person to the entity responsible for the above-mentioned treatment, the CITI, Center of Informatics and Technologies of Information of the Regional Directorate of Science and Technology of the Government of the Azores.
It inquires still that the present data circulate in open nets being able to be seen and used by not authorized third entities. (Articles 10th and 12th of the Law 67/98)

The present gathering of personal data and the respective treatment are authorized by the National Commission of Protection of Data, through its process 1165/04, notified through the official letter 2383 of 04-07-08.


Links – connections of hypertext:

Links to pages of third ones are supplied only for usefulness. The Regional Government of the Azores doesn’t take responsibility for the quality or truthfulness of the affirmations reproduced in the web-sites for where there send the connections of hypertext, also called “hyperlinks” or “links”, present in the Portal. The Regional Government of the Azores doesn’t practice any control on the contents, products and services offered for third ones through the links inserted in it.


Declaration of dismissal of responsibility:

The Government of the Azores coordinates this Portal with the objective to improve the public access to information on the services identified in it. It is intended that these pieces of information are updated and rigorous and all the editorial teams involved will seek to correct any errors that are communicated to it. Nevertheless, the security measures adopted and the care given to the information provided, the Government of the Azores do not guarantee that there can be no incorrect information, either by unconscious error or even attempted fraudAny attempts to change information, of upload information, or any other action that could cause damage and endanger the integrity of the system, are strictly prohibited and may be punished according to the legislation in force. The contents present in this Portal don’t constitute an advice or suggestion, nor do they establish any contractual relation of responsibility. The Government of the Azores is not liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user, relative to the information contained in this Portal. The Government of the Azores isn’t responsible for the accuracy, quality, security, legality or licitness, including compliance with the rules regarding copyrights and related rights, relatively to the contents, products or services contained in this Portal that has been provided by other organisms, advertisers or partners.

The Regional Government of the Azores cannot guarantee that a document available on this Portal will reproduce exactly an officially adopted text. Consequently, only the version of the acts published in the Official Journal is deemed to be authentic.

Applicable law

This Portal is governed by the Portuguese Law