Mário Brum Teixeira
Valorization of research results in innovative products or services according to Horizon Europe 2021-2027 framework programme
Institution Center: Biotechnology Centre of Azores (CBA)
State: ongoing

This project aims to value the results of the research, obtained by the Center for Biotechnology
of the Azores (CBA) throughout its existence. Through the enhancement of the results of research assets
(RA), it is expected that regional participation in European consortia and projects is enhanced, as well as
the transformation of existing knowledge into products, services and new economically viable forms of
biotechnology, protected by copyright, researchers, companies and the autonomous region of the Azores.

For there to be a successful passage and transfer of technology to companies, it is necessary in a
first approach to identify the main scientific results. Not only the research results that the center has, but
also all the know-how acquired will have to be considered, because they are of extreme value.

In the context of the identification of RA and in relation to endogenous resources, CBA has several
Genomic libraries and collections of organisms, with potential application in several areas such as
integrated plant protection, plant improvement, biological control, health, bioremediation, energy
recovery, food or environment. All this assets, resulting from years of research needs to be previously
analyzed, organized and displayed in such a way that it is easily accessible to any entity or person to
interpret and understand how these RA can be useful in solving problems applied to industry, agriculture
or in the discovery of new products and solutions to solve, some of the societal challenges proposed under
the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 framework programme.

Our goal in this project is to transform this scientific knowledge into innovation, involving local
companies, involving research centers and national and European companies in valuing such potential.
This objective is intended to be achieved through projects funded by different agencies, particularly with
projects under the new Horizon Europe 2021-2027 framework programme. Particularly relevant in this
proposal is our commitment to involve potential start-ups in these projects, also enhancing the formation
of new jobs with advanced qualification, considering the areas in which CBA develops its research.

The process of valorization, protection, conservation, treatment (or analysis) and dissemination of
research assets involves:

  • Digital transformation – digitalization of databases and RA
  • Integration of databases and research assets into digital platforms
  • Valorization of biobanks
  • Valuing integrated plant control
  • Biotransformation recovery/bioremediation of waste
  • Integration of the CBA centre into new projects of the new European Framework Programme Horizon Europe 2021-2027

Very relevant in this proposal is our commitment to involve potential start-ups in these projects, also
enhancing the formation of new jobs with advanced qualification, in view of the environment in which
CBA develops part of its research.

It is therefore expected that this plan will be able to select which RA is ready to be passed on to
products, services or can solve societal problems proposed under the new Horizon Europe framework