Krishna Chaitanya Pavani
Studies on bovine GDF9, CX43, CX34, GAPDH, SDHA, POU5F1, Bcl2L10, Odc1 genes expressing on oocytes and embryos under heat and cold stress
Institution Center: CITA-A - Centro de Investigação e Tecnologias Agrárias dos Açores
State: ongoing

“The major aim of current study is to evaluate the gene expression changes at different stages of bovine oocytes development from GV to embryonic stage both in vivo and in vitro, as embryonic mortality, responsible for a great percentage on non success of the reproductive efficiency in cattle, is due the activation of apoptotic related genes. The genes expression, responsible for the kinetic cleave times changes in the embryonic development based on the seasonal variation will also be evaluated at different stages of oocytes and embryonic development.”