Duarte Nuno Toubarro
Pep4Healing - Valorisation of by-products from agro-food industry into added-value products with cosmetic and medical applications.
Area of RIS3: Agricultura, Pecuária e Agroindústria
Institution Center: CBA - Centro de Biotecnologia dos Açores
State: ongoing

” In Azores, by-products from fish-processing, chicken feathers and cheese whey are produce in high amounts but still have a modest use, despite the great potential they have for recycling into products with high value. Therefore, on this proposal we will optimize an eco-friendly method, based on enzymatic hydrolysis, to extract proteins from cheese whey, collagen from trash fish and keratin from chicken feathers. This objective will be achieved by the use of thermostable enzymes, from the collection of research group, with a capability to hydrolyse these cross-linked proteins that are hard to digest.
The second objective is to originate peptides bio-actives in wound dressings and cosmetic, by the hydrolyzing proteins extracted from the three by-products. This goal will be attain using a combination of enzymes, with different cleavage sites, in order to originate different peptides with new proprieties.
At the end of this project, we intend to validate the laboratory-scale application of produced peptides in tissue regeneration and in a preclinical phase in cosmetics, reaching the level of technological readiness 4 and 5. This phase will be performed in collaboration with 3B’s research group and Biological Engineering group, both at the University of Minho.”