Sílvia Cristina Xaviet Bettencourt
Thermphile plants growing in the Azorean Hot Springs as a source of valuable molecules
Unidade de I&D: CBA - Centro de Biotecnologia dos Açores
Estado: closed

” The main goal of this grant is evaluating the biotechnological interest and value of the plants growing in Azorean Hot Springs as a source of highly valuable products, as thermostable enzymes, with increased market value to industry and environmental conservation. By identifying these commercially and scientific valuable molecules originated from plants growing in Azorean Hot Springs, we will be able to produce those in large scale for end users utilization, which is the ultimate ambition.
The research results also will allow the knowing of a new set of transcriptomes completely new for science, that will be further more studied by us (IBB L.a.-CBA), aiming other final reports, regarding final products that will enhance the Azorean Hot Spring plants importance as a source of several important molecules and increase local and international scientific knowledge.”