António Eduardo Nobre Chaveiro
Development of a new ELISA test assay for early pregnancy detection in dairy cattle milk
Unidade de I&D: CITA-A - Centro de Investigação e Tecnologias dos Açores
Estado: closed

In the present study we purpose the optimization and the sustainability of an Elisa assay system, in particular the Development of an Elisa kit for early pregnancy detection in dairy cattle milk/urine, and its possible field applications:

1) the qualities of this method (sensitivity, intra-and inter assay)

2) testing of new antibodies for the coating (AC1) and the immunological reaction (AC2),

3) a method of preserving antibodies AC2 (lyophilization),

4) the possibility of shortening the incubation time between each step of the process, and 5) develop an Elisa stick kit to be used in the field by farmers, using the same methodology as the commercialized for pregnancy detection in women.