Ana Patrícia Rego Lima
GSH and other blood antioxidants as early risk factors for atherosclerosis in Azores
Unidade de I&D: CIRN - Centro de Investigação de Recursos Naturais
Estado: ongoing

“The main objective of the present study is to understand the high prevalence of low plasma levels of GSH in the Azorean population, regarded as a possible, early risk factor for AT in the archipelago, as already seen in other populations (Ashfaq et al., 2006; Shimizu et al., 2004).
In this study, we will focus on a group of apparently healthy subjects from Ponta Delgada and, as a reference for comparison purposes, a similar group from Lisbon.

To accomplish these objectives, we aim:

  • To determine the plasma aminothiol profile, namely GSH levels;
  • To quantify some Hcy and GSH determinants, like serum vitamins (B12, B6 and folate) and serum γ-GT activity, respectively;
  • To evaluate several endogenous and exogenous oxidative stress markers both in plasma and/or erythrocytes, namely the GSH/GSSG ratio, activities of SOD, GPX, CAT and GR enzymes , as well as vitamins A, C and E;
  • To measure the activity of both GCS and GSH synthetase in erythrocytes;
  • To quantify some chemical elements (Ca , Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn and Se) in plasma;
  • To quantify the gene expression of GSH transporter;
  • To compare all these parameters with those from a similar group from Lisbon, in order to understand why the Azores Islands have the highest death rate for ischaemic heart disease in the country.”