NETworking tropical and subtropical BIodiversity research in OuterMost regions and territories of Europe in support of sustainable development
Grant Agreement nº 518720
Type: ERA-NETs | European Research Area networks
Duration: 48 months (2007-03-01 to 2012-02-29)
Status: Closed
Coordinator: Regional Council of Réunion, La Réunion, France.

Regional Council of La Réunion (La Réunion – France)
Regional Council of la Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe – France)
Regional Council of Guyane (French Guiana – France)
Regional Council of Martinique (Martinique – France)
Regional Government of Canary Islands (Canary Islands – Spain)
Regional Government of Madeira (Madeira – Portugal)
Regional Government of the Azores (Azores – Portugal)
UKOTCF – UK Overseas Territories, The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (United Kingdom)
New Caledonia – Government of New Caledonia – NC-OCT (France)
Netherlands Antilles – Ministry of Public Health and Social Development, Netherlands Antilles Government – VSO-MINA (Netherlands)
POL-OCT – French Polynesia, Government of French Polynesia (France)

Aim of the Project:

Net-Biome focuses on the involvement of society in setting priorities identified by managers and scientists of regional programs. Promoted interaction with European and international organizations in the field of biodiversity, such as networks of excellence FP6 (ALTERNET, EUR-OCEANS and MARBEF), other relevant ERA-NETs (biodiverse, Marinera and Skep) and non-governmental organizations to identify gaps in the basic sciences and technology necessary to provide a basis for sound policies.

Under this project was launched a joint call for transnational and trans-regional research entitled “Towards Biodiversity Management in support of Sustainable Development in Tropical and Subtropical US”. Five projects were fund, the FRCT funded regional teams of three of these projects, SAFEPGR, SEAPROLIF and MOVECLIM.

FRCT Involvement:
The FRCT participates in this project as an integral member of the consortium with two important values:

- as a funding agency allowing the participation of regional teams in this call and, by financing the regional component of its approved projects;

-responsible for the Call Secretariat.
Financial Overview
Consortium Budget
Partners Contribuition EU Contribuition Total
-2 518 312€2 518 312€
FRCT Budget
-272 280€272 280€