Paulo Gonçalves Miranda Agria Torres
Lasmobranchii (sharks and rays), a potential resource to protect in the Azores
Institution Center: CIBIO-Açores - Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos
State: ongoing
  • “Establish a list of Elasmobranchii species which occur or may occur in the Azores, with special relevance for those with commercial or potential importance to the Azores and determination and/or characterization of its value;
  • Create a dynamic and real-time database of Elasmobranchii containing individual records of each species together with information regarding its distribution, features, biological traits and social economic importance at a regional and global scale;
  • Determine the population status and stock assessment and evaluation for the commercially important species of elasmobranchs in the Azores;
  • Access and evaluate the importance of bycatch and discards for Elasmobranchii species;
  • Determination of potential interest species to the Azores according to species features and Azorean socio-economic interests;
  • Determination of the bioavailability of heavy metals and mercury concentrations for the commercial or potential important species of Elasmobranchii in the Azores;
  • Establish a network of specific Elasmobranchii site seeing areas for diving operators and similar touristic entities for the Azores;
  • Evaluate the potential value of Elasmobranchii ecotourism and its socio-economic impact;
  • Establish a Code of Conduct to protect these species, considering the potential negative impacts over these Elasmobranchii species;
  • Determination of population abundance, structure and habitat preference of Elasmobranchii species based on mark/recapture data;
  • Preliminary baseline research on Elasmobranchii populations’ target species movements/migrations, diving behaviour and habitat use.”